Frustration because WordPress.com decided to refresh and lose everything I’d written, so I’ve gotta re-write this post because I’m such a loyal writer to whoever even reads this. 


I made it to Copenhagen, Denmark, on Wednesday.

This post is delayed due to the fact wordpress sucks, and I also bought myself this tasty distraction:


Along with playing my new found beauty, I’ve been exploring the city by the means of busses, tours of the canals, and my getting lost on foot. The city itself has a nice vibe about it, it’s very historic, and the locals are generally friendly plus all buildings and vehicles are made out of Lego. I’ve also never been to a place with so many horse statues either (full album to come horse boys).


Everyone here does there English pretty good, which is lucky because it would make things a lot harder if this wasn’t the case. Locals will still speak Danish as their first preference generally,which can be interesting. When I’m sitting on the bus I hear conversations like “Flavvor ke lundogg de straven fraven do AMERICAN EXPRESS de slikat und graven an tak BIG MAC”, it feels like I’m a child who hasn’t yet learnt how to speak. 


I start work tomorrow with a tour company who run bus and canal tours of the city, not 100% sure what that will involve just yet but I’m pretty sure I’m organising their end of year christmas party. They’re having a curry night with the original Black Sabbath lineup performing a 6 hour jam, whether they like it or not. 


The food here is genuinely amazing- they have Burger King, Subway, Mc Donalds and even Dominos. One of the local snacks is smørrebrød, which is an open sandwhich. 


I’m staying in a place that’s about 30 minutes bus ride north of the city, which is by the water. When the sun is shining brightly you can see Sweden, along with the majestic remains of a nuclear power plant, which glistens a warm green glow. I sleep well at night knowing there is a vast distance of water between I and it, so any mutated creatures have quite a paddle ahead of them before they reach me in my slumber. 


I’m pretty sure I’ve covered most of what I’d written in my original post. Here is a photo of me with one of Princess Mary’s guards. When I approached him he yelled “2 METRES!”. He obviously worked out that I was quite the threat, and that if he did try and bayonet me he’d be swiftly disarmed. Smart guy. 


Anyway, goodbye for now. And that’s your bloomin luck for the week. Well maybe not, I’ll probably get back to you faster. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS: The photo of the Sailing ship is not the distance between nuclear power plant and I, it’s simply a majestic sailing ship in a pond at the Tivoli amusement park,


Conflict Desert Storm

After a teary farewell by a host of three loyal supporters I departed Hobart to begin my journey.

Short trip to Melbourne, followed by a 14 hour plane ride from Melbourne to Dubai. Hopped on the plane, found my seat- next to a 21 month year old kid. This was gunna be good.

Turns out Oscar was a stand up guy, who enjoyed making making jokes about the plane crashing into the sea. Every time I’d nearly be asleep I’d wake up to someone yelling “CHICKEN PIE????” in my ear. It wasn’t even Oscar, but the flight attendants. This did get annoying, but who am I to turn down free food….

I arrived into Dubai at 5am. It was already a sticky 34 degrees. The sun wasn’t even out. It took about an hour getting through customs on this side.. It was like the guys checking the passports had to confer with their colleague that every single person was actually who they were saying they were.

My trustworthy tour company- “Arabian Adventures” turned out to be the most organised of the tour companies I saw at the airport. Although at one stage there were 7 of their staff members having a heated discussion about who would take me to my hotel, I had faith in them, mainly due to their well made red suit jackets and gold ties. It was almost like a barber shop bus driver squad.

Crying kids on the bus, and a few dirhams later and I was at the hotel- the Ibis Al Barsha. Not bad.

I then walked across some part of a small desert went to the” Mall Of The Emirates”. It was a big place. They had an indoor ski field, and a place called “Fat Burger”. After spending a good 3 hours walking around in circles and eating a chicken enchilada (not from Fat Burger) it dawned on me that I hadn’t slept for a good 35 hours and that I should get some kip.

My taxi driver yelled at me for the short fare, and then spent the short journey muttering to himself while I stared at my feet.

Not much else really happened during my time here.. I slept for the rest of the day and ate at the hotel.

This place has some pretty cool architecture though. One day it’d be good to come back here and do a desert safari riding on the back of a camel. I was also meaning to get to one of the water parks they have here, they look like a lot of fun. That being said, the weather being this hot means that anything air conditioned or wet looks like a lot of fun.

I leave first thing this morning for a plane headed directly to Copenhagen, Denmark. SEEYA!

The calm before the storm…

Hello my friends!

I am setting up this here blog so that you can stalk my actions whilst I’m on the other side of the world. It really means I don’t have to repeat myself 14 times a day to everyone separately, you can all just come and suss this out every once in a while instead!  (Thanks to Mad dog for the idea)


About two months ago I was selected for a student exchange program, which would have me living and working in Denmark for a total of three months. The program is set up by the Hobart SKAL club, which is a tourism management networking group. I had to complete a 14 page application, have a medical, be tested for tuberculosis and then sit an interview, before finding out I’d gotten the gig.

During my time I will be doing work placements throughout various tourism operators based in Copenhagen, ranging from hotels to attractions to festivals. My flights and travel insurance are covered by SKAL, and I will be staying with a host family while I am there. I leave in 9 days for Copenhagen (September the 17th) with a stopover in Dubai, and will be returning late December (19th).

I honestly have no idea what to expect. My Danish speaking goes as far as “øl tak” which in English means “beer thank you”. The “øl” pronunciation is almost like the noise you’d make just before throwing up. I think I’m gunna be just fine.

Whilst in the EU I also plan to travel to Germany, where one of the German SKAL Clubs are expecting me to play a concert for them ( I think they’ll be sadly disappointed), and also to spend some time in London. Also make the most of the array of  live music I will have access to. My other plan is the bring Princess Mary home, or at least get a photo with her whilst throwing a typical me “thumbs up” pose.  

I am going to miss the fair city of Hobart, along with everyone in it, but will be pleased to be returning in summer, and the great times provided by the Falls Festival. (Tina the Cortina is counted in “everyone”, and ranks very highly in that list).

Keep things real, hopefully you shall hear from me when I reach the desert of Dubai.