The calm before the storm…

Hello my friends!

I am setting up this here blog so that you can stalk my actions whilst I’m on the other side of the world. It really means I don’t have to repeat myself 14 times a day to everyone separately, you can all just come and suss this out every once in a while instead!  (Thanks to Mad dog for the idea)


About two months ago I was selected for a student exchange program, which would have me living and working in Denmark for a total of three months. The program is set up by the Hobart SKAL club, which is a tourism management networking group. I had to complete a 14 page application, have a medical, be tested for tuberculosis and then sit an interview, before finding out I’d gotten the gig.

During my time I will be doing work placements throughout various tourism operators based in Copenhagen, ranging from hotels to attractions to festivals. My flights and travel insurance are covered by SKAL, and I will be staying with a host family while I am there. I leave in 9 days for Copenhagen (September the 17th) with a stopover in Dubai, and will be returning late December (19th).

I honestly have no idea what to expect. My Danish speaking goes as far as “øl tak” which in English means “beer thank you”. The “øl” pronunciation is almost like the noise you’d make just before throwing up. I think I’m gunna be just fine.

Whilst in the EU I also plan to travel to Germany, where one of the German SKAL Clubs are expecting me to play a concert for them ( I think they’ll be sadly disappointed), and also to spend some time in London. Also make the most of the array of  live music I will have access to. My other plan is the bring Princess Mary home, or at least get a photo with her whilst throwing a typical me “thumbs up” pose.  

I am going to miss the fair city of Hobart, along with everyone in it, but will be pleased to be returning in summer, and the great times provided by the Falls Festival. (Tina the Cortina is counted in “everyone”, and ranks very highly in that list).

Keep things real, hopefully you shall hear from me when I reach the desert of Dubai.




One thought on “The calm before the storm…

  1. Simply breathtaking!, Matt Taylor is part of a new breed of fantasy fiction writers comparable with Tolkien at his best. 7/10 rubber chickens

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