Settling into the Den and a taste of Prague


Hello people..

Just as a sidenote, this blog is purely intended for my friends, so it has a much more casual tone than My professional side. If you are interested in what work I’ve been doing, have a look at the SKAL Student Exchange Facebook page.

I have a lot to get through, so here we go!

I spent a week working at Wonderful Copenhagen, which is the main visitor centre for the city, so a lot like my job back in Tas. It gave me an awesome insight into how things work over here, and I got to visit some of the top locations around the place, such as the Copenhagen Zoo(Highlights: Giraffes), the Planetarium (Space), the Carlsberg Brewery (Beer) and the Ripleys Believe it or not Museum (I don’t know what to say here).



On one of the days Henrick (my boss) and I went to visit some of the hotels around the place. In one of the fancier hotels there happened to be a TV crew doing some filming, so they asked me if could pretend to be a tourist, and took some footage of me “checking in”. I like to think of myself as the Danish equivalent to “Koshie”. The funny thing is they were running a story talking about how many prostitutes there were in the particular area, and how it affects the nearby businesses.. I’m not sure how it came across on the Danish News, whether or not I was a client, a prostitute, or a willing tourist, Oscar winning stuff none the less

The next couple of days I spent working on a dental conference in the Bella Sky Centre.

Leaving that place made me very conscious about my teeth and their maintenance. They had videos containing close up drills going into peoples jaws, while the people were still awake. Sounds like my kind of fun!
I went and saw an ACDC cover band at a great bar called “Sin City” which is in the area known as “The Meat Packing District”. It took me a few tries to accept that was really the name for area, but it turns out they really do package meat there. Great nightlife though!

I’ve spent the last couple of days in the Czech Republic. If you asked me where last year where I would be in one year, the Czech Republic would have been last on my list. It was a beautiful city though, and the food and drinks were nice and cheap. Pints costs around $1.50-$2.00 each, which leaves no one complaining. I saw some amazing churches and castles here, and visited their Communism Museum.

I know in my last post I didn’t include any real pictures, so I’ll make up for it below.


This is some traditional Czech food. The waiter explained it to me, and he pretty much told me it would be sliced steak, with vegetables and dumplings surrounding it, and a sweet sauce. Can’t say I expected these appetizing dishes to be presented before us!


Next week I will be visiting Rostock, in Germany, and shall post more news and pictures when I’ve settled in.

Hope everything is fine and dandy back home, and miss you all.

This is me as Jesus


Eye of the Beholder

Hey hey hey hey hey hey.

I’ve been reading the statistics of people who have been looking into my posts. It seems that 42 people expected an update on Monday the 1st of October, which never happened. There’s a fact for you.

Unfortunately this evening I lost my iPhone, which held a lot of pictures of my past week.. So in the mean time I’ll throw in some pictures that were very similar to what I experienced.


Last time we spoke I was just about to begin the working part of my trip. I had a day with the Canal tour company, and a day with one of the sightseeing hop on, hop off tour bus companies. The day with the busses was filled with excitement, action, and awe inspiring arguments.

There are a few different companies who offer these city sight tours around Copenhagen, and a main point where they can potentially pick up a lot of clients is at the cruise ship terminal. Both businesses compete for the customers as they literally step off their cruise ship. It was a classic match up- our crew, the Hop on/Hop off team VS the opposing company- Step on/Step off. A clash of the titans. Two squads enter, one squad leaves. Really character building stuff.

At around the three quarter time mark, we had filled 5 busses with happy tourists, whereas the steppers had only done 1 and a half. Finally, one of their team fired up. His name was Samesh- a Pakistani fellow who’d had enough of tasting defeat. He approached our main man, Akbar (also from Pakistan) and gave it to him with a torrent of Punjabi. Words were flying out of his mouth. Akbar, cool as ice, stood there silent, with his arms crossed, and a slight smirk. This is what he lived for. Akbar knew that any remaining customers would stay well away from Samesh and his team, the victory was sealed. Joey, then appeared out of no where with Scandinavian energy drinks with the money he’d made in tips for our whole crew, and it was a bit like a pepsi ad after that. Akbar told me later on, he was very pleased to have ruined Samesh’s day, for he was a bad man. Akbar could have told me anything and i probably would have agreed.


The next few days I spent in Malmo, Sweden. There was a Travel Fair on, and I was based with a tour bus company. Because I spoke neither Danish, nor Swedish, it was my job to ensure that everyone who walked past had sufficient candy. The fair itself was great- a mechanical bull was directly opposite my stand which gave me hours of viewing pleasure. Those Swedish chicks aren’t the cowgirls they thought they’d be. On the final night of the Travel Fair, I went with some of the people from the bus company I’d been working with to a bowling and burger bar. I found myself in one of those situations where everyone was speaking different languages and I zoned out on the way, all I understood was “Wonderful Burger” – I knew everything was gunna be okay.

The following day I met up with the legendary Al Foster for a couple of beers at a law school party in the city. It had been a long afternoon- I’d been sitting in the Hard Rock Café Copenhagen for the last few hours enjoying their two-for-one specials by myself, looking at some amazing instruments (Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar, Lars Urlich’s Drum Kit, Clapton’s rainbow SG) and listening to the “500 greatest guitar solos of all time”. This was followed by the uni party where bottles of Carlsberg were under $2AUD. The plan was to have a few casual bevs, go home, have a nice kip, and be up at 5:30am for the Grand Final at The Southern Cross Bar. Turns out I didn’t make it home that night, however I was up in time for the footy with some very stereo typical Aussies you’d see at such an event. There were even the obvious Amuricans trying to learn the rules very loudly, and dropping lines like “They don’t go to the game, they go to war!” and “Oh-rah”. Made me wish I was at Forster Street.


After I had recovered, I was ready for a tour up North to the Louisiana Modern Art Museum, and some epic Danish Castles. Louisiana was great, they had some famous works there. Like a self portrait of a lady with a monobrow and a monkey. I’m sure it meant something to some art lovers, but to me it was just a lady who needed a face shave. I got hustled when I tried to take a photo, but I did get one. The castles were also quite amazing. Moats, flag, statues, moats, and great moats. Was unhappy to find out there weren’t any crocodiles in the moats. Once again, I will upload the real photos in a day or so, but these pictures are very similar to the castles I saw.



I just wrote 855 words in less than 20 minutes, and it wasn’t even painful. Why could I never do that in school?

Someone please answer me that.

I miss everyone, and this guy especially:


Peace, Love and Etc.